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We are leading suppliers of ail types of office stationery, from reams of paper to a pin; our Customer Service has endured us to many large Garment Industries and Leading Mercantile Organization.

Having started off as Stationery Suppliers, today we are leading solution providers' in packaging, to the garment Industry. We supply all types of packaging m aterial to the Garment Trade including, Tag Pin, Polypropylene Tapes, Body Cards, Tissue Papers. Kraft Papers etc.

We are also leading suppliers of computer printing peripherals, under leading brand names with a warranty for ant defects.

Guided by the vision of the company to be best in Customer Satisfaction, and providing our Customer with their requirements at fair prices, we certainly are a Company that can be trusted to deliver high quality' products at reasonable prices.

Our highly motivated and experience staff will address all your needs with the least amount of delay. Delivery to your door step will be undertaken by us, ensuring that your needs are met with the least delay.

We for all your needs of all types of stationery Paper and Board suppliers of all types of office stationery and packaging material, which is used in all garment accessories, packing materials, printing peripherals please do no hesitate to contact us.

  • We service packaging needs of the Garment Industry
  • Supply of Office Stationery
  • School Stationery
  • Computer Printing Peripherals
  • Exercise Book Items
  • Other Stationery

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